Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tick tock tick

Got a new Adidas watch since I realized that I do not have a casual one for normal outings and runs.

Also got myself a basic cap from cotton on.

The blue quite matching sia. Haha!
Time for hall seniors' camp this weekend!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Harder Better Faster Stronger

*A long long post with many photos and videos*

I am back!

How's the new blog design? I just wanted to change the blog title picture when I realized that now Blogger makes designing and customizing your own blog template much easier.

The new title photo was inspired by one of the 2 Japan-only limited edition Jubeat Knit E-amusement pass to be won from Konami. Took that photo this evening at Bugis and "blue-ed' it.

Knit is yellow themed thus the yellow grids but I don't know what's with the mustache design one. Maybe cause Knit will have a male announcer instead?

Albida! Knit will be out in end July. 2 more weeks!

Anyway lot of things happened during the past 1.5+ months. Results was kinda of cui as expected. Went for a few rec list meetings, not exactly a nice experience as you really have to make evaluations of your friends' contributions/abilities. Tsk.

My 22nd Birthday! Erm didn't really have any big celebrations. On that day went K-Box with Qi En, Winfred, Han Yuan and Gabriel. Winfred came late with a surprise Doraemon Polar Cake after which we went dinner at Bishan and met Auntie Lucy! She sang me a birthday song lor. Lol.

So embarrassing!

A bigger Doraemon Polar cake from my parents.

The rest of the holidays was spent slacking around, occasionally go for some 1 or 2 days jobs like temp carpark surveyor and open house helper.

Got myself some birthday prezzies throughout the month. If you notice Ipod Touch is no longer on my wishlist cause I got myself a 8gb one!

I also bought a Superheadz Wide Angle lomo. Got the Black Slim Devil from Action City at around $59?

I have yet to "开光" it. Maybe this coming Sun when we go celebrate Sheng Chao's belated birthday bah.

Got a new bag as well from Slurplife. A mini messenger bag that can actually fit in my 750ml water bottle and other stuffs. Think it will be very useful during the upcoming FOC.

Oh mine is this red and blue one.

As mentioned in the last post, I am going to train up more. Signed up passion card just to get the gym pass at the nearby TheSerangoon CC's gym. I like it being small and wulu since it means it is never crowded with hardcore gym rats compared to like Hougang or Bishan gyms.

Oh well, it seems like I got "bigger", especially the belly. Haha. All thanks to my ever unhealthy diets and habits. Haha. Ippt was bleh~ Going for RT every Thurs and Sun starting this week. Time to train up more!

FOC is coming soon in Aug! Currently helping out Gabriel with Monster Hunt aka Fright Night. Going to do some props and costume shopping as well as preparing the ghosts actors. This time round it's going to be even scarier since it clashes with the 7th month~~~

Oh I got my marketing specialization and did my course registration liao. Aiming to take some electives like communication studies which I think is rather interesting. Might help in future marketing related projects.

1.5+ months left to yr2. Time to really concentrate on studies and "cheer up" my poor grades.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

這世界笑了, 于是你合群的一起笑了

i quited my job. no pt doing something that you don't enjoy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

bye bye yr1. it's time for holidays!

woah! the last post was almost 2 mths ago...

i pretty sure my results this time round will be quite bad again. esp for stats, which i like totally had not much idea wad it is talking abt in the 1st place~

at least this time round there is ob and marketing, 2 subjects that i am interested in. hmm...it's time to choose specialization for y2 soon. considering btw this 2...

oh well. enough of exams. can only blame myself for not being consistent and hardworking enough even during the revision period. just hope gpa does not drop even further~

time for holidays! almost 3 mth sia. tmr i am gg to work and earn $$$. rec by my aunt one, at her company hq i think. just some normal clerical job.

booked ippt for coming sat. not much hope of passing considering hw long i have not been training and how big my belly has become. haha.

other plans for this holiday:
-gathering with frens!
-start revising my accounting for accounting 2 next sem~
-train train train!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

我是誰 我是誰 我是誰

作詞:廷廷 (Magic Power)
作曲:廷廷 (Magic Power)
編曲:Jae Chong

我是誰 你是否常常這樣問自己
我是誰 總是活在別人的期望裡
我是誰 是誰又擅自幫你定義了
你是誰 只有不是自己才安全

為什麼 你以為這個世界很美麗
為什麼 你愛這個世界勝過愛自己
為什麼 這個世界不給你平等待遇
為什麼 到底做錯了什麼

朋友都說你太 太 太奇怪
在背後把你當成笑 笑 笑話看

你想要的很 很 很簡單
不過就是最普通的 的 的平凡

無論他們又說什麼 閒言閒語無法傷害我
世界上只有一個我 沒人能代替的我
無論他們又做什麼 小動作無法打敗我
The most beautiful

會不會 上帝把你的靈魂放錯了身體
會不會 是故意整你不是不小心
會不會 你常常都覺得力不從心
會不會 堅持要做自己太危險

憑什麼 難道比較特別就是不對
憑什麼 先下了註解在認識之前
憑什麼 只不過想認真的活一遍
憑什麼 隨便就把人定罪

我是誰 這個問題困擾你多少天多少夜
我是誰 誰有資格決定你怎樣才是對
我是誰 我是誰我是誰

Hall Special Production finally ended. Thought I will finally have more time and energy to focus on studies. In the end still got tons of shit to clear~ zzz.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

recess week. rest ur head.

recess week liao but that only means have more assignments and random hall stuffs.

i need to like catch up on:

stats - at least 8hrs worth of e-electure [that i ponned and/or slept thru] + e numerous tutorials
organisational behavior - a 1000 words limit report with 20% weightage
communication fundamentals - a 3min oral presentation on a newspaper article
marketing - a presentation with 20% weightage
econs - all the tuts and readings since start of sem

and hall stuffs don't seem to be ending anytime soon. i hope will have time to do my sch work considering my lousy grades from sem 1.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010